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Our Services

Our Services

Many people have never had to arrange funeral services. Let’s face facts - it is not exactly something people talk about. This hesitation may be due to several reasons, and it is safe to say that the public is largely unaware of the options available to them when planning a funeral service. At Britton Funeral Homes, we will do everything we can to make your decisions informed ones. We will support, guide, and assist you in creating experiences that are truly special, meaningful,and above all, personal. We pride ourselves on helping you create services custom-tailored to your exacting specifications. These are some of the many options available to you:

Traditional Funeral

This is a type of service where Visitation would be held prior to a ceremony, in our facility or another facility (i.e. Church) followed by committal services at the cemetery.
Traditional Funeral w/Cremation Similar to a traditional service, however, cremation would take place following the ceremony in place of going to the cemetery.

Simple Cremation

Simple cremation is selected when no visitation is desired; families often have a gathering or visitation prior or following cremation. It is often times the least expensive mode of disposition.

Simple Burial or Graveside Service

This service type differs in that the ceremony takes place at the cemetery.

Memorial Service

This is a service without the deceased present. Visitation, Cremation or burial


Regardless of the type of service you choose, there are many ways to personalize and memorialize your loved one. We will assist you in making your loved one’s funeral service a custom-tailored experience every bit as unique and special as the individual.

E-motion Tributes

Britton Funeral Homes, Inc. is proud to offer e-motion tributes as a way to honor a life that was lived. We can use your photos to create a custom digital slideshow set to your favorite music, that can be played at visiting hours, or as part of a service.   State-of-the-art software is used to make a lasting memorial keepsake for your family to treasure for generations. Ask a staff member for details.

Photo Collages, and Memory Tables.

These are available to every family; they are a way to bring a personal touch to a visitation or service through the power of your photographs and personal items. Simply position your photos and memorabilia on this collage-type display for family and friends to see. Many find solace and comfort in seeing the photos and images of their loved one.
Our experienced staff will help you to understand all the options available to you. It will be our pleasure to assist you anyway we can,and to help create a meaningful and personal experience.
It is our goal to help you to plan a personal and meaningful experience; our professional staff is experienced and dependable. We are here to serve you and offer guidance that you can trust.  Remember we are here for you.
Creating a Legacy of Memories
It’s important to secure the memories and stories of a loved one. Learn more about why we offer the finest in online tributes and tribute videos, the Book of Memories™.
Steps in Planning a Funeral or Memorial Service
Outlining the basics, this page is a fine place to start for those families faced with making final care arrangements for a loved one. Here’s where you become familiar with what’s ahead.
What to Know When Choosing Burial
If you think that burial is the right choice for your family, there are some important decisions you must make. This page details the questions involved, offering support to families choosing burial.
When Cremation is Preferred
Detailing the reasons why cremation is the preference of a growing number of families, this page also covers additional questions to ask once the cremation decision has been made.